Liability Labyrinth

Securing a Complicated Loan


  • A foreign borrower was working with an FDIC bank to purchase some U.S. real estate holdings.  
  • The real estate to be purchased was being held through multiple layers of foreign and domestic entities and trusts, making it impossible for the bank to ensure it would have adequate collateral or that it would be repaid.
  • As written, the existing documents prevented the bank from being able to secure its loan and would have placed it in a position of considerable liability had it proceeded.


  • Jordan Ramis constructed an agreement with guarantees from each entity that had net worth within the real estate holding group, guaranteeing repayment of the loan and providing the buildings as security.


  • Our client was able to move forward with the transaction and be fully secured in its loan, saving it the considerable liability it would have faced if Jordan Ramis had not been involved.