Retaining Water Rights

Agricultural Operation


  • A large commercial agricultural operation located in eastern Oregon provided various crops sold on the world commodity market. 
  • The client was sued by the State of Oregon, acting by and through the Oregon Water Resource Department, as well as a number of private plaintiffs, on grounds that it had forfeited a substantional portion of its water rights. 
  • If the business were to lose such interests, approximately half of its operations would necessarily cease, thereby risking the company's collapse.


  • At the client’s request, we assumed representation from another firm during the early stages of the suit.
  • We successfully negotiated a settlement with the State of Oregon and the private plaintiffs.  In doing so, our client was able to retain all of its ground water assets and even secured the right to complete an additional ground water well. 
  • We continue to advise our client on maintaining these and other water assets. 


  • The client was able to avoid any adverse affect on their business and confirmed a reliable long-term water supply to continue operations into the future.